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    Good Morning

    I have a file on my computer called *Media Access*
    When i run a norton scan on my computer it says that this file is known spyware and that I should delete it. But when I try to delete it, it says that it is being used so I can't.
    I can uninstall it in control panels *add and remove* but....It warns me that this programme supports many free programms and if I uninstall it, some of my free programms my not work properly.
    Does anyone know about *Media Access*. And if so.....Will I be able to uninstall it without other programms messing up on me.

    In the file there are 4 Items.

    One is a Notepad named *info*

    two seem to be instalation programs called
    *MediaAccess and MediaAccK*

    I'm not sure what the fourh one is but it's called *MediaAccC.dll*

    tyvm tyo anyone that can answer me

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    Boot into safe mode, do a scan and Norton should remove them, if not, remove them manually if it's spyware......the program may not work properly after you uninstall that but if its a good program it shouldnt have spyware in the first place.

    btw: Try scanning with ad-aware, spybot and Microsoft AntiSpyware, they should get rid of ti without damaging your system or program.
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    1. download "adaware" and "Spy-bot S&D"
    2. update both of them w/ latest definitions
    3. boot into safe mode
    4. run both programs
    5. erase everything they find

    you might have some broken functionality but that's better then having that **** on you system

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