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    "Good" Web Site Security Scanner/Analyzer?


    We have been tasked with testing the security of our commerce security websites. We are finding that Wikto is not providing sufficient results and NESSUS is good for the server side vulnerability checking, but is there a good tool to scan internal websites for vulnerabilities/exploits - and also provide information on how to fix them; vis-a-vie NESSUS reporting?

    We are trying SiteDigger now and hoping for better reporting. The reason I go on about the reporting is that we need as much detail as possible to report back to the client.

    We are also using Nikto for testing as well. The output does not seem user friendly to try and explain or read through.

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    Don't know if this is what you are looking for but I use Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner. It seems to do a good job and found a few holes in my sites.


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    I think SiteDigger will do the job ... I always say that it is one of the best applications ... I guess.
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    Hey, I am Dcrab I offer such services for a considerably very cheap price,


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    You'd be better off hiring/contracting individuals to do this for you. Automated tools will only get you so far...and unfortunately that is not far enough.
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    One more thing i forgot to mention, we are currently offering a special deal if we dont find anything you dont pay

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