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Thread: Monitor will not get a bigger resolution..

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    Monitor will not get a bigger resolution..

    I have a 15" flat panel monitor and i just installed a new graphics card (other than the one on my motherboard) and when i go to ajust my resolution (in windows XP) i have 2 choices, the first is
    COMPAQ FP5315 Flat Panel Monitor on RADEON 9600 Series (Omega). This device will only let me get a 1024 x 768 resolution. The second choice is (Default Monitor) on RADEON 9600 Series Secondary (Omega 2.5.9). This device lets me go up to 2048 x 1536, however when i click a high resolution and hit apply my color goes to 8 bit and my resolution doesnt change.
    Any suggestions?

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    Try disabling the defualt monitor in the Deivce Manager !
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    Any suggestions?
    Yes, that is about as good as you will get with a 15" FLAT PANEL monitor.

    The three factors are: resolution + colours + refresh rate.

    1024x768 + 32bit + 75Hz is about what I would expect from your combination. If you want more, buy a better monitor, and remember that you are paying in performance for the 'looks cool' flat panel, an old fashioned CRT will outperform them any day.

    Incidentally, I would not recommend experimenting outside the recommended ranges of your kit, you CAN damage it.

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