New here!
I have heard that this is the best MB for newbies like me.
My question: How can I stop or report a person who is writing viruses?
What information do I need to report them?
I am a longtime member of a MB about Hedgehogs and recently we have gotten a troll who I believe is writing viruses and sending them to certain repected members of our MB. Whenever this troll gets pissed at somone on the board, they end up with a virus. It has happened to four people so far. We on the above mentioned MB are a peaceful group of people who simply love to talk about their pet hedgehogs. We are not computer experts as you guys here are, and we don't know how to stop this guy. We are in danger of losing our MB if we can't stop the viruses because our members are scared to post. Most of our members are older folk and kids. We have banned this guy several times but he keeps finding a way to change his IP address and keeps coming back. Our MOD's have tried everything they know. This guy is good!
What I don't understand is why this guy would be causing all of this trouble to a small message board that is about pet hedgehogs!
Can someone please help us or direct us to a site where we can get help to stop this guy?
Thank you in advance