Hi guys and gals,

A huge thanks to jett1960 for getting me over here. I have friends in Network Security, but they are unfamiliar with vBullitin. They have been able to pull-up some of the ISP Owner info for our attacker. I just do not know the steps to take to "smack down" this/these idjits.

I have several AIM and MSMessenger IDs being reported to me as part of the harrassment. I have many, many AOL IP Addys that are on the hot list (and used by many, many of my members -- I hate Dynamic IP). It's been over 3 weeks since this started and I want it over. I'm tired of having to read every post of from newbies to see if it's related to the problem. And once I flag them "clear" after about 10 posts, I do not have the band-width to read 100% of the posts going up. That's when things got to hell in a handbasket with a bow on top.

I'm going to re-read the questions and requests and compile answers. I hope we can get to the bottom of this before the end of the month.