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    Possibble Drive Letters

    I have been looking into file intgerity and some c code after reading posts about file integrity here
    http://www.antionline.com/showthread...hreadid=267443 .(sec_ware deserves positive anti-points for his good response there)

    The code is for windows but one of the things it does it search for all drives by starting at 'A' and then incrementing it by 1 each time. The interesting thing is that the loop that does the incrementing goes from 0 to 32 so you end up with drive letters like [,\,],^... is it even possible to have drives with these characters. If I try to map a drive I am only presented with A-Z.

    Any ideas?
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    As far as i know on a Windows machine you only get the options of drive letters A - Z. I don't think it is possible to have any more than these. In the config.sys there is a LASTDRIVE field that allows you to inform the OS of the last drive your going to be using (in order to speed things up a little and save some ram) but still this is only able to be set from A - Z.

    I've not looked at the code you are talking about but is it possible that it is a bug and that these drives are requested to be looked at but the method doing the reading is just returning a error signal and the method your using is just not telling you of this ?

    Good luck.

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    A-Z are the only ones I know of, unless there is a way to get AA, BB, CC, Etc. If you are using "borrowed" code, then it was probably designed for a bruteforce type scheme where it is trying all the "main" characters.
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    It may be that the loop is incrementing numericaly as the drive lettering convention takes in to account the type of partition and whether it is supported within the Bios.

    Take a look here for more information:

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    This may not be relevant, but I have the bits of an old machine............mostly ISA a couple of PCI slots, until you go to the "wrong side".............harrrrrrrrrrr a SCSI riser with a 200Mb and a 2GB drive.

    It has "experimental" on various labels.............I think that it is an IBM............in those days 2Gb was a server

    The RAM sits in it with a 45 degree angle, and it has beds for a 386 and a 486 processor, and a math co-processor?

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    Well the more Ive looked over the code the more I think it was a bug. It was posted on CodeProject and people had said good things about it. I mean it does what it should do fine.

    But then I also found a part where hes trying to do bitmasking with && instead of &. So the code definatley hasnt been scrubbed.

    Thanks for all the info though.
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