Newbie who might be screwed
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Thread: Newbie who might be screwed

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    Newbie who might be screwed

    I have recently been having some serious issues with spyware and now it is to the point where I can not even work on the problem because my computer continuously keeps on shutting down. I used Bazooka to do a scan and it says I have:

    Windows AdControl

    So I am not sure if there is much I can do about this at this point since my computer wont stay on long enough for me to do anything, should I just try to save my important files and give up? Thanks for any info.


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    Hi Jeff
    From what you have said, there may be a couple of things you can do:
    1. When you say you used Bazooka to do a scan (assuming that is a type of spyware removal tool), did you get an option to remove the spyware? If you did and it is still coming up as present, have you tried another spyware removal tool? A good one I can recommend is Spy Sweeper (
    2. When you say your computer won't stay up long enough for you to do anything, do you mean that it is going into auto shutdown? Or is it just rebooting by itself. I ask because this may not be caused by spyware, I have seen this behaviour with some hardware faults. Something to consider possibly. Have you tried booting into safemode (assuming you are running Windows)? Or have you tried disconnecting your internet connection and rebooting? Both of those options may get you up for long enough to get your data off the machine at least
    3. Depending upon how valuable your data is, you can try to remove your hard drive and hook it up as a secondary drive in another computer. Of course, depending upon how much you want your data back. You will also need to be careful not to contaminate the second computer at the same time

    Those are at least some options for you. I would recommend you rebuild your operating system at the end of all this if you can, even if you do manage to remove all those traces, you can introduce instability into your system even with a clean bill of health.

    Hope this helps

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    I would just back up and re install.

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    Start into safe mode, run stinger (anti virus) adaware (anti adware) and then hop on over to and run their scan.

    if you computer is shutting down and showing you a little box that counts down from 30 as soon as you see it got to start-->run --> cmd --> and in the command prompt type in shutdown -a

    this will abort the shutdown and should prevent that window from comming up again atleast until you reboot. There are a few well known viruses that run the shutdown command.
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    i had a simmilar problem but i used microsoft antispyware and it really helps. my computer is just fine

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    i had a simmilar problem but i used microsoft antispyware and it really helps. my computer is just fine
    MS anti spyware is awesome....except for the whole NOT DELETING CLARIA and missing numerous other not so good programs.
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    A little off topic but like Info Tech Geek said what i would do is backup ever thing you need reinstall and then make an image of your system after you have done that so if your system ever really dose become totaly screwed you can just put your image on and be good to go. a good program for this is g4u.

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    Follow the advice from TechGrunt, XTC46, and elfguy, What you have listed isnt to hard to clean when the correct tools are being used..
    McAfee Stinger is starting to get a bit dated..LAst update is early MAy.. I have prefered to use Sysclean from Trend Micro... get the package here

    Bit of a worry with MS and their pending Purchase of Claria... Yetch

    BTW: Clean install is not always the easiest answer, it isnt always the best answer.. IT IS AN OPTION.. and it is an option if there are a lot more problems than just a few parasites and worm. IT ISNT an option if you dont have the means to backup your information, You may not have access to the information to complete the exercise correctlyOr they may not have the time needed to get the system fully operational. IF your going to give this as a Solution.. Be prepared to backup what your saying and Give the person the OPTIONS Other wise alu\youve just said is .. USE LINUX

    Appealing to gearheads who don't mind getting their hands dirty, Bazooka scans for spyware and offers detailed instructions on how to remove it. However, many people will prefer an application that removes spyware for them. Installation is simple and the application includes an automatic updater for its spyware-reference database. After the lightning-quick scan, you must be online to access instructions on how to remove any spyware that is found. We would like to see an option for downloading all spyware-removal instructions at one time, making a trip online unnecessary. Online-access issues aside, Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner provides a nice, simple solution to keeping those nasty programs out of your hard drive.
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    XTX46 is quite right about running all your anti-malware stuff in safe mode

    Undies~ makes a good point too. The reformat and reinstall option is one you consider early on if you are running a repair shop, and have to weigh up how much time things will take, because you are going to have to bill the customer for that time. I generally recommend that private individuals take the time to try to clean and repair their computer, as it is a good learning process.

    In addition unplug your internet connection before booting into normal mode and see if that helps. Quite a lot of malware will not launch if it cannot detect an internet connection.

    Another thing I would consider before reformat and reinstall is making a boot CD with all the anti-malware tools on it, booting from the CD and running them. If you don't boot from your hard drive, you won't start the malware that is on it?

    Good luck
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    I wished I had the answer, or a way to fix this problem for ya, tho if I did id be as rich as BillyĒ big bucksĒ Gates! However, this is the real world and like 1000's before ya and god knows how many to experience this delight, cos trust me ive been there more times than I care to admit!

    I'm a million miles away from being a so called expert in this subject, and please correct me if Iím wrong in saying this, but if this problem is being caused by a virus or worm, call it what you will, by backing up etc any files software to disk, then reformat and install from scratch, will do nothing more than give ya a few weeks maybe months if ya lucky use of your comp, before your back to square one! Cos id bet my balls on that the files etc saved prior to the reformat will be infected, and youíre going to install time and time again!

    The reason I say this is very simple, Iíve done it.
    So for what its worth, which aint a lot Iím sure I hear you all cry, but the following quote must be the best bit of free advice you will ever hear!

    Quote: "I generally recommend that private individuals take the time to try to clean and repair their computer, as it is a good learning process".

    Sadly the damage has already been done, so why not use it to your advantage and try to find the real cause of problem! Letís face it your got sod all to lose!
    Apart from a bit time, and of course ya Sanity!

    P.S Never rely on just one "anti-virus/spyware scanner" there are loads on the market to choose from, sadly none of them can stop every known/unknown virus etc out there, if such a bit of software was available we would all be using it. On the plus side there are some very good online scans available, like Mcafee, MS antispyware, Panda etc, best of all there Free!

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