Hi y'all - i hope someone can help me out with soemthing fishy that's been going on.

For the last couple of weeks (i think since I downloaded Java for Dell training) i've been having Browser relevancy issues liek this:

1. Find driving me nuts
Your relevant result is a click away!

2. Look for driving me nuts
Find driving me nuts at one of the best sites the Internet has to offer!

with variations - usually upspiral and redzip, and also ezanga keep popping up. Also i've noticed a marked decrease in overall quality of hits returned.

I have run HJT - and deleted anything sketchy, run spybot, run adaware, run spysubtract - googled for any info possible, gone through my registry, and through the usual C drive areas where these types of things linger - and I can't make it go away.

The relevancy ads are the only issue. No popups or anything like that. Has anyone else had this problem, or have a solution?

please help!