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Thread: forwarding labeled messages from gmail

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    forwarding labeled messages from gmail

    hi all
    how can I forwarding labeled messages from Gmail Inbox to another email account?


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    By clicking the 'Forward' button on the bottom of each e-mail.

    If you are attempting to bach forward multiple emails, then good luck. As far as I know, gmail does not support that function.
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    Exactly moxnix gmail doesn't support batch forwarding.

    coolcamel, labelling is only specific to gmail. The label are not going to travel with the mail you forward. IMO If the recipient mail service has labelling feature then you need to set the same label on the recipient side and configure it to label all the mails coming from the your account.

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    hi all.
    my idea was chosing some messages from my inbox in Gmail account and forwarding them
    to another account email.instead of forwarding each message.
    so, can I forwarding to another gmail acount?
    what is batch forwarding?
    thanx all.

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    Hi cool~

    Sorry for appearing thick

    If I am understanding you correctly, what you want to do is select several e-mails and send them all to another address, in one go?

    EDIT: Try looking at the filter facility?

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    nihil yes, you understood
    The filters applied to incoming mail.
    you can filter some inbox messages depend on the criteria u chose to be forward to another
    email.The problem is I can't use the label word as filtering criteria.
    I seem only have to forward each email.

    thnx all.

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    I seem to recall this facility in Lotus could forward whole threads.

    As Gmail is supposed to be "conversation based" and is still in beta, maybe this is on the way?

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