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Thread: Windows Xp recovery

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    Windows Xp recovery


    I had a multiboot system with windows 98 and windows xp. I had xp on a logical partition and 98 on an primary one. By mistake i formatted the primary partition.

    I know that when xp is installed in a logical partition then it creates a folder as NT detect in the primary partition.

    Now the case is that i have reinstalled win 98 in primary partition. But i'm unable to access the os xp. I have some imporatnt softwares installed there of which i dont have the setup anymaore.

    Is there a solution to my problem where i need to get back the control of the windows xp.

    I havent formatted the logical drive but am unable to log on to xp.

    Please tell a solution to this.

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    Hi, I am not sure if this will work but I think it is worth a try.

    Insert your XP CD and try to do a repair install on the logical partition.

    Hopefully this will correct your primary partition. The repair option does not affect your personal files/folders.


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    A shot in the dark maybe but here goes..nihil,s option is definitely worth a try and if you don,t come right you could go to the command prompt when 98 starts up and type:del win.com and press enter.After that type;del command.com and hit enter..insert xp cd ..restart.. , change to boot from cd rom in the bios..run the xp setup from there.The above deletions should start the xp setup..reinstall win 98 again on another partition.

    hope it helps
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