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Thread: IHOPping Mad

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    IHOPping Mad

    How in heck is this racist???? Someone please explain it to me. My understanding of racism, would be something like; All you black folk have to show me your receipts, and Oh you white folk, have a nice day, Ya hear. Or the store owner smacking the butt of every woman that walks out the door. Argh!!!

    And the Left Marches on!

    The Amsterdam News says a pancake house in Harlem, N.Y. was forced to stop requiring departing customers to show a receipt for their meals because customers said it was insulting and racist.

    The International House of Pancakes had long required customers to show the receipt marked ‘Paid’ to a security guard at the front door. Now managers will have to find another way to deal with the recurring problem of customers who eat and then leave without paying their bills.
    Full Story: http://www.amsterdamnews.com/news/Ar...ID=56806&sID=4
    The mentally handicaped are persecuted in this great country, and I say rightfully so! These people are NUTS!!!!

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    IHOP is shitty eating anyway. Plus the environment. Yeah, I want to wait in line early in the morning to get a seat around a bunch of loudass chatter with the clinking of cheap china and silverware. Reminds me of the movie pulp fiction.
    Don't you hate that?


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    I'm going to sue Sam's Club... they won't even let me in without my membership card!!!

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    Careful Negative, someone will pick up on that political incorrectness and sue SAMS as a discriminitory club. Maybe those things that check for RFID tags at stores will be racist as well. You walk out, it beeps, your racist.
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    “The restaurant has removed the sign requesting patrons to show their receipt stamped paid before leaving the premises and has agreed that their security guard will only stop those individuals who appear to be leaving without paying their bill.”

    i suppose the locals will be very thankful to the Amsterdam News when IHOP closes it's doors in their neighborhood because they've been working in the red after paying out millions to all those that have gone out of their way to look suspious in order to be stopped time and again just so they can scream discrimination and sue.

    the residents of harlem dont life in a dream. they know whats going on and most are decent citizens. im not a resident but i have seen a car up on cinder blocks being stripped in the fast lane of amsterdam ave. IMO i think most would rather show their receipts and have their ihop.
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    People eat at IHOP?????

    I thought it was just a cultural icon like a church or something.... I'm pretty sure that what they serve is no better than those darned cookies the Catholic churches give out....
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    Re: IHOPping Mad

    Originally posted here by OverdueSpy
    How in heck is this racist???? Someone please explain it to me. My understanding of racism, would be something like; All you black folk have to show me your receipts, and Oh you white folk, have a nice day, Ya hear.
    Nah, nah, brotha. This is the white man's IHOP! These are the white man's pancakes. This is the white man's syrup. This is just another way for the white man to keep us out the white man's world. Umm, umm, my brotha's don't be blind! Umm, umm, this sign really said, "No blacks allowed. Whites only.”: but with the political correctness encryption standards. We, the Rainbow coalition will sue this IHOP for millions and close all IHOP's ~ rev Jesse Jackson
    Let me guess, this IHOP doesn't accept checks. Plus the gas station down the road has the bulletproof glass surrounding the clerk. I used to live in a Metro. I built my house in the nice suburbs where they accept checks and the businesses don't have theft detection at the doors. According to the U.S. Census Bureau: Helping You Make Informed Decisions, in my county the "White persons, percent" is 95.2%, City Homeownership rate 88.3%, Persons per household 2.81, Median household income $75,205. Just depends what community you live in. So don't become bitchy and play the race-card with IHOP because your community is full of thieves.

    I don't even want to see that communities census numbers. http://www.census.gov/

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    Circuit City makes customers show their receipt when leaving there with a bag in their hand... RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REGISTER! Why can't the clerks check the contents of your bag with your receipt at the register... they're the ones putting merchandise in there!

    The doors are literally 5 feet from the registers! I find it rather annoying and walk right past them. They say "Hey!"... I keep walking. I didn't set off an alarm when I walked through the sensors on my way out.
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