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Thread: Computer Questions ?

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    Computer Questions ?

    Not that it's a problem...but has anyone else noticed a significant decline in people asking " new " ( not revived or continued ones ) computer questions ?

    Everytime I come here I check out the new threads and the unanswered threads to see if there are any questions I might be able to help with...and I've noticed that for about a month now there are alot less questions and alot more news/commentary ( like this, as an example ).

    My point ? No point really, just a curious observation...anyone else observe any trends they'd like to share ?


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    Good call!
    I have been noticing the same, the questions are by far less, compared to my early days at AO. I don't know why this tendency toke shap?

    I noticed that some senior members are posting less than thier usual ratio of posting .... This might be justified that they have thier own business ... this might work .... I have no clear Idea .... anyone does?

    Eg~ at least we have somethin' to talk about, bud!

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    Hoping not to get slapped by this - but for a lot of what us newbies need, most tell us to "Google" it up - and by no surprise, it works. Also - I was reading through the FAQs, and I know I don't want to post too much other than what I need to in almost a *fear* of getting negged. Okay - I broke form for this one: http://www.antionline.com/showthread...0&pagenumber=2 - but I try to limit that type of posts to maybe a Friday and when I have sniffed too many Sharpie Markers.

    Additionally, I have noticed that I need to spend more time reading the actual books I have and the tutorials here, as it seems like many of the common issues have already been discussed and in some cases, (quote coming from J. Ross from the WWE - don't laugh - he's hilarious!), the issue has been "beaten like a government mule" - J.R. and I don't see the point in re-asking the same question someone else did, just to get my number of posts and potential "greenies" up, if I can avoid it. But like I stated previously, I sometimes break that form.

    The reality of it is that for a new person like me, I am trying to learn as much as possible and ask only what I need to, and when I feel I have something to contribute that actually would be worth something, I will do it. And for the questions, again, I am only posting, for the most part, what I need to for some current issues I am dealing with; the rest of the time I am trying to "catch-up" by reading through the great amount of technical documentation out here. This has been so far, an excellent resource for security and IT information, and even some hilarity and general bs.


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    Just West of Beantown, though nobody from Beantown actually calls it "Beantown."
    It's just part of the normal ebb and flow.
    Stick around long enough and you'll see the trend
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    You guys know what that means, we helped everyone that needed help, there is no need for AO anymore, goodbye everyone, good times

    j/k YOu aint getting rid of me that easy

    <read title
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    and I know I don't want to post too much other than what I need to in almost a *fear* of getting negged.
    Don't let a 'fear' of negs stop you posting .................
    Most of us went [well] into the red at the start of our AO life [?] *me = -100

    You only make progress, by making mistakes ............

    to double your progress, double your f**k up rate

    If you are quick on the uptake, and don't take the AP's personal, you WILL find that you begin to amass the green quite quickly.

    [off topic]
    speaking of speed and AP's ?
    How long did it take YOU [the ones reading this] to get to a full set ?

    As a quick comparison I took around 8-9 months to get there.
    Yet Egaladiest is there already, only 5 months in.
    Sec_Ware and IronGeek are two others who didn't mess about either.

    Just curious.

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    The one that most impressed me in speed of gaining a full rack was Zencoder - less than 3 months. He deserves it though; he really knows his stuff.
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    Hi foxyloxley,

    Actually 4 months because I joined after Christmas and had my rack before May...with alot of Help from certain people who had pity on me being a fish out of water so to speak...with a snail of a computer !

    Hi l3lacklce,

    I agree...zencoder deserved to make it faster...we came on board almost on the same day...I would have been shocked myself if I had made it before him...given the fact he knows significantly more about computers than I probably ever will...but to my own credit I have tried to help out whenever possible in my own way...
    I haven't seen him around much lately but guardian_angel was moving at an astonishing rate too...I think he was up to one bright greenie within his first month...then he all but disappeared.

    Hi thwhomp,

    The best way is to not even think about AP's...I don't even have my bookmark set to the main page so I've never noticed unless I saw it on the boards, had a PM to read, or needed to access the main page...my first AP was a neg too ( cough...lce...cough )


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    Thumbs up


    Thanks for the great responses and information. It helps to know the norms for any group and this one in particular, as I need to cultivate and learn as much as possible - in as short of time as possible as I need to help others get more in tune with security and integrating security into their daily professional lives; while not allowing their daily business to be affected in any major way.

    I guess as I mention posting and ap's, it must be a self-pyschological issue with me - something about social acceptance - but then again, there's a major part of me that really does not care what anyone thinks about questions I ask, because I just need the *answer* to whatever it is I am looking for, because I have people depending on me and my colleagues for answers. But I will reiterate, then after this post, I am only going to post what I need to, after searching first, to be a better AO citizen and cut down on traffic; except on Fridays.

    Thanks again for all your help!

    Buenos dias.


    P.S. -

    Also just wanted to say quick - that AO IS a necessary venue for security information. Just because a majority of the known or "low hanging fruit" type questions have been asked or re-asked as needed, does not mean AO is not needed. There are many more issues now and in the future I know will require answers from an knowledgeable experienced IT security community. So you all have to stay and cannot leave! And if any of the experience people who have left for some reason, come back for some reason, they can't leave again either!


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    Plus... you have to think. A lot of people here are in school... its coming up to the end of the semester. Things will slow down so everyone can study for finals... and then it gets even more slow in the (US) summer (IIRC) because everyone is busy getting drunk and hitting on girls at the beach.
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