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Thread: Is this posible

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    Is this posible

    I looked around and have done a great deal of research onto this topic... and it has to be doable....
    I have a "Forum" on a website
    Now when they hit subit it sends an email letting us know when the forum has been filled out and all of its information.
    NOW... what I need is for it also to send a cell phone a text letting us know that it was filled out.
    The phone is a nextel... but I dont think that maters... I Called them up and they said it is do-able and they have known a FEW a very small few companys to do it.... but aren't sure how its done.

    If you can send a text to a cell phone via AIM then this cant be to hard... help me out!!!

    Thanks in advance.

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    I know my phone has an email address. Its something like (areacode)(phonenumber)@tmomail.net or something. There is a list somewhere that lists what the various carriers use. In any case you could use the same script to send a second email to that address.

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