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    Microsoft VS Google

    Heh, it looks like Bill Gates is worried about Google:,00.html

    It's a long ass article so I'm just posting the link, but in short Microsoft is saying Google Office can't be far off, and how he's worried that Windows users rarely use the start menu anymore because The Google software packages do this for them.

    And then I-Tunes is whipping everyone in music online. So they are getting actual competition there.

    And Microsoft who scoffed at Linux, is now worried about it as well.

    All I can say is:


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    well competition is good for us...
    i like competition, it makes better and cheaper stuff for us !
    glad the competition is back

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    Microsoft is saying Google Office can't be far off
    I think that Bill Gates is more concerned about Google's Wall Street performance compared to MS.

    There are plenty of competitors to MS Office, all of which work equally well. I have Lotus and Corel as well as a number of free ones. Microsoft isn't that great, it is just that people have become brainwashed into using it. Employers buy it, and expect to recruit staff who know how to use it. It is not that different from the Internet Explorer obsession IMHO.

    MS have had a lot of support from brand name manufacturers bundling a short version, or that apalling "Microsoft Works"

    I remember when Lotus were giving away "Smart Suite".................I was lumbered with supporting a few apps that were developed in it.

    I must admit that my director was rather amused when I told her that I had obtained a free copy of the latest version, and that I had licenced it.............17,000 desktops..............they must have wet themselves

    Oh!, and Wordperfect for DOS rocks, and MS Word for DOS (v1.0) is pants And if you want to try them you will need DOS and a 5.25" floppy drive.
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