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Thread: Getting The AP to Scann Back?

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    Getting The AP to Scann Back?

    After a lot of stuffing and mucking around a friend and I have managed to Get a 2km Wireless link running..sort of..

    With our AP's mounted up 20 to 30ft masts it isnt easy to fiddle with things.. It is also harder to check for probable interference causes.. hence our desire to use a tool similar to Netstumbler..

    My suspicion was to get a SNMP tool on steroids (seeing as how my D-Link DWL-2000ap+ revB supports SNMP - when enabled).. and extract the information from there.. one tool more intended for working with routers and isnt quite what we need/want was mrtg-2.11.1 .. more a etherel for a router..

    So do any one know of a tool that is able to extract recieved signal information similar to Netstumbler on an Access Point?

    YEs I have Googled..and I have seen some interesting mods for AP's.. but all any one wants to do is sniff for AP's ..I want my AP to Sniff back..
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    The answer to your question is: Yes.

    But not using that particular D-Link box.

    Let's just say I'm going to PM you.
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