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Thread: Turn Wireless Router in to WAP?

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    Turn Wireless Router in to WAP?

    In the office, there's a T1 with its own b0x that does DHCP n all that garbage, we want to add a WAP so those with schleptops can cruise the net without 8-strand chains. The hardware available right now is this Linksys wireless G router/gateway thingy. Can we configure the gateway to just act as a wireless hub or ahhh... maybe its a Bridge we want... anyway are there any tutorials written that someone could point me to for some cookbook pages on how to bake this cake? ?

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    Its actually pretty simple. Out of the box DHCP is enabled and it has the address Some of the newer routers lock you into this range so don't be suprized if all you can change is the last octet. In any case all you need to do is configure the wireless portion, turn off DHCP, change the IP of the WAP to be something other than what your network gateway is, and then connect the uplink port of the WAP to your companies switch. Wireless machines will be able to use your networks DHCP server, will still use the same gateway that DHCP provides and will be fully connected to the network. This isn't much of a tutorial but it contains all the information that you need in order to get this situation to work.

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    zenger is dead on but PLEASE dont forget to enable encryption via WEP or WPA. May consider changing the SSID to something other than linksys and changing the routers password as well. I know these all seem like a big duh but just in case I thought I would throw in my 2 cents

    and AFAIK I thought all the newer routers allowed for you to change the IP to whatever internal range you want to use.
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