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Thread: Laptop Keyboard Replacement

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    Laptop Keyboard Replacement

    I was wondering what kind of standards exist when replacing a laptop keyboard. I see lots of generic brands with more 'options' (eg. color, layout, etc) that are cheaper, but should i just stick to the type of my laptop (toshipa statillite)?
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    Probably would be a good thing to stick with the same model\vendor..as the layouts\sizes may vary...and you will be stuck with a keyboard that doesnt fit or the keys are all mucked up because of layout differences??\

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    I agree with Morgana~

    Basically there are no standards such as one finds with desktops. Please look here:


    Now, you can probably get a generic component that is not made BY Toshiba, but you have to be sure that it is made FOR Toshiba. Not only that, but for the exact model that you have, as manufacturers aren't even consistent within their own product ranges.

    Basically the problem is that the component is integral, rather than a peripheral. Unfortunately this results in greatly reduced production quantities and a much higher price.

    Good luck

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