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Thread: Default domain in integrated authentication.

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    Default domain in integrated authentication.

    Hi all, I hope you can help me!

    How can I set up a default domain when I use integrated authenticacion in order to access a Microsoft IIS publicated web? I need some machines that aren't in the domain to log in but I don't want to do it in the "DOMAIN\username" form.

    Thank you in advance.

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    IIRC the default domain would be the domain the IIS server is in. If the workstation isn't part of that domain you must use the domain\username form.
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    If you are using integrated windows authentication you cannot change the default domain. Like SirDice said the integrated authentication assumes that the clients will be in the same domain as the server.

    However, if you change the virtual server so that it uses basic clear text authentication you can change the default domain.

    Right click on the properties of the website in the IIS administrator MMC.

    Select the directory security tab.

    In the anonymous access and authentication box click the edit button.

    You can change between basic and integrated authentication there.

    The other solution would be to establish a trust between the two domains so that the domain that houses the IIS server trusts the domain that has the users in it. Give the trusted domain users access to the IIS server. Integrated authentication will then work for both domains.

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