what is an iso.part?
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Thread: what is an iso.part?

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    what is an iso.part?

    I have been trying to download some FreeBSD 5.4 iso images to my comptuer, but for osme reason they are broken into 2 iso.part images. When I download a small file it does it too, breaking it into a * file and *.part file. Can anybody tell me why?
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    Basically, if your seeing a '.iso' and a '.iso.part' then it means you did not complete the download. Download it again and this time, after you select the download folder and click 'Save', got to 'tools' (in Firefox) and click 'Downloads'. This will show you your current Downloads and tell you when they are complete. When they are you will have just the '.iso' file in your save folder and it will be complete and of the correct size.
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