AntiTrust movie about Microsoft should be about SCO
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Thread: AntiTrust movie about Microsoft should be about SCO

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    Arrow AntiTrust movie about Microsoft should be about SCO

    Ummm, is anyone else reading this thinking what the HELL is SCO thinking? In Anti Trust, the guys would kill people who could get ahead of them in the software market...

    And here is where SCO may be planning a suicide for the people of Grok:

    Read that. It's hard to believe this person needs to get the cops in on this because her life has been threatened and things that have happened to her have made it un-safe to even be at home....


    (I just made that up).

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    Gore old chap,

    It is with the deepest and most profound regret that I have to correct you in these matters.

    SCO is not "SuicideCrimeOrganization" as you speculated. They have used their latest (no doubt copyrighted) encryption technology.......................

    My tomcat, who has not featured in this hallowed forum for a little while, cracked it for me..........

    SCO = OCS.................. "OCS" = Osama's Corporate Subverters.

    It is an obvious plot to undermine the very structure of the American way of life? Don't look for "reds under your beds" folks, look for SCOs.

    As for the film you mention in the title to this worries, I have it sorted........the Director has agreed to add a short scene.............Bill Gates in the john, about to do the paperwork and finds the dispenser empty.........reaches in jacket pocket and pulls out SCO...........problem solved

    After all SCO are in MS' pockets are they not?


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