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Thread: Spam bomb?

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    Spam bomb?

    A co-worker of mine believes that an ex added their email address to some kind of spam-bomb list. I'm making that phrase up, try to understand what I meant by it. What I think may be out there is a opt-in spam list that you can add your enemy's email addy to that will force them to receive a lot of spam.

    Anyone know where these are? All I know is that their spam folder went from 1-2 a week to 50-100 a day. I'd like to set one up on a fake email addy and have fun with it.


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    One of those spam emails must have a "Remove me from this list" link in them. Enter your fake email and wait..
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    yes, they exist. google "I want spam"
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    Apparently someone entered my email address to one of the infamouse websites that keep sending me Spam all the time .... and the opt-out option is not available {deliberately forgotten}.... I don't know if my case is generic or not .....
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