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Thread: [Guide] Wi-Fi

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    [Guide] Wi-Fi

    Definition: Wi-Fi => WIreless FIdelity network
    =wireless lan/ethernet
    =wireless version of wired networks

    [gloworange]IEEE Standard:[/gloworange] IEEE 802.11x

    [gloworange] Types:[/gloworange] IEEE 802.11a/IEEE 802.11b/IEEE 802.11g [a.ka. a/b/g]

    [gloworange] Speed:v 54.0 MBPS/11.0 MBPS/54.0MBPS

    [gloworange] Frequency: [/gloworange] 5Ghz/2.4Ghz/2.4Ghz

    [gloworange] Order Of Introduction:[/gloworange] a=>b=>g

    [gloworange] Compatibility:[/gloworange] g is backward compatible with b..... therefore b/g networks can coexist ... a is completely different

    [gloworange] Requirements: [/gloworange] as in wired networks the 2 clients require lan card ... in wireless network 2 clients require a wireless network card ... or atleast inbuilt wireless capabilities as in the case of CENTRINO notebooks which are inbuilt with Wi-Fi b networks
    with these 2 basically i can set up a direct connection for sharing of resources BUT NOT SHARING OF A NET CONNECTION !!! ( See Raven's Guide To Sharing A Net Connection On LAN for more details on how to )
    this is called as an AD-HOC mode of wireless connection

    [gloworange] Requirement For Sharin NET Connection:[/gloworange]
    1) a wireless access point (AP)/router ... in addition to the 2 wireless cards on each pc ( no. =2)
    2) one of the cards ( the one on ur host pc with net connection) to have an INBUILT ACCESS POINT
    3) Raven's Guide To Sharing A Net Connection Over LAN

    [gloworange] Difference Between WI-FI and wired lan/ethernet:[/gloworange]
    1) Wi-FI is free of wires/wireless .... wired has .. well WIRE troubles
    2) wi-fi offers max 54 MBPS speed ... wireless offers 10/100MBPS to 1 GIGABIT with "GIGABIT" LAN as seen on the newer MOBO's !
    3) Wi-Fi offers WEP Security ... wired lan does not
    4) wired lan cannot be tapped into that easily .. u need a physical source
    wireless networks can be found with wi-fi enabled devices .... and can be accessed if WEP key not available pretty easily ...
    even with WEP ... wifi is not very secure ... ( but here we are talkin abt US government secure)
    basic security is good enuff

    [gloworange] Uses:[/gloworange] (With the kind of connection that u require ie. AD-hoc / Infrastructure
    1) sharing files/folders/resources between 2 computers (AD-HOC/Infrastructure)
    2) Playing Multiplayer games (AD-HOC/Infrastructure)
    3) Sharing Printers (AD-hoc/Infrastructure)
    4) Sharing New Connection (Infrastructure REQUIRED !!!! or AD-HOC with a Proxy Setup!)

    [gloworange] Sites You Can Visit:[/gloworange]
    Ravi - the Sun
    Think Bright, Think Sun

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    I moved this from the tutorials forum... the links are pretty decent

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