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Thread: Jsp Question

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    Jsp Question

    Hello Guys!!!
    I have a Issue here, and I am kind of sure that i will get the
    Answer from here.
    I have to make a .jsp page which will have qoestions, and each question will have four options.
    (This part I have done)
    I am using the tomcat server for this, and I have saved this .jsp file in webapps/ROOTS folder and
    it does open when I type http://localhost:8080/myfile.jsp in the browser.

    User can select the radio button on the jsp page and click submit.

    Now I want the users answer going to the backend and a new page should open, displaying the
    total number of choices for each question previously clicked by the different users.
    (That is, with every new submit button, a new .jsp file should open, which will display
    the total number of choices for each question)

    I am planning to use a perrl file in the back end.

    Question 1) where should I place my perl file in Tomcat.
    Question 2) What is the kind of logic required for this purpose.

    Note: I have very new to all these things, and I really want to learn.

    Any sort of Help will Be highly Appreciated.
    Thank You

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    why don't you just do everything with JSP rather than introducing perl into the app?

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