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Thread: Windows File Share permissions

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    Windows File Share permissions

    In a windows 2000 domain, does anyone know how to compose a report that will list a file share and file permissions assosiated to that share. Take it a step further and list all folders beneath that share and what permissions are assosiated with those folders as well. We are having an audit soon and need to produce a report of this sort.

    Is there some third party software that will do this?
    manually? (

    thank you

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    I would use a tool like HYENA to do that you can list all the security permissions and export them into a msaccess database. That should do the job for your audits. You can download a trail version of hyena from the web which will allow you to see if it suits your needs. There are a good couple of other tools that allow the same thing but that is the first that springs to mind.

    edit : added a link to hyenas home site.
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    I like Super CALCS from Trusted Systems Services Inc at:

    If you need further functionality their Advanced Checker scripting language is VERY powerful.

    Trusted Systems Services is pretty much the top Windows security organization out there, they were after all charged with writing the NT B2 Feasability study and they wrote the NSA security Win2k guidelines. Other tools will do similar things, just depends on the level of assurance you need and how much of the audit you'd like to automate, and how few questions you'd like to be asked about your methodology.



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    DumpSec from SomarSoft would be my choice. It's free
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    Share enum is worth looking at, and it's free:


    If you just want to know if it's read/write for the current user Softperfects NetScan is usefull for finding rouge file shares:


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