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Thread: Configuring a proxy server for only one PC

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    Configuring a proxy server for only one PC

    I have a software called FreeProxy which is of course a proxy software. I just want to know that can I configure it to run for only one PC using a single Internet connection.

    I have heard that it helps to partly hide ur IP address. Is it true?

    If it is, can I assign any IP of my choice to it?

    Are web tunnels of any help?

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    if you use a proxy that is on the internet and not on your lan you will be seen to sites that you visit as coming from the proxy's ip address and if the proxy is 'anonymous' all traces of your ip address should have been removed or rather not fowarded.

    having one on the same ip address your using anyway servers no purpose as far as masking your ip address because the proxy is showing it to sites that you visit.

    Are web tunnels of any help?
    depends on what you want to do.

    if you have a dynamic ip and your not into anything shady there is really no reason to use a proxy. there is more of a risk to your privacy with third party tracking cookies which do not depend on your ip address but rather the cookie itself

    for a demonstration on the power of the cookie: http://cookiedemo.com/
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    even through an anonomous prxy they still keeps logs of which IPs they masked and if questioned (and provided the correct paperwork) will turn over that info. Most "hackers" will bounce through multiple proxies to slow down the tracking. and having one on your computer can mask your IP...but to me it sounds like you are trying to make it look like a specific peson is doing something. mayb i am just paranoid.
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    but to me it sounds like you are trying to make it look like a specific peson is doing something
    Yes, you are right. For successive 3 days, the same IP address was trying to enter my back orifice port. Anyway, is there any method by which I can "hit back"

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    Sounds to me like you may want to get something between your computer and the internet. Do you have some kind of intermediary device? e.g. router, firewall.

    If you have something like that you can greatly reduce the ability of any outside attacker from getting to your system by enabling nat and dhcp then changing the default range from like most people do, to something random like, say, 192.168.1. 32-64. This just shakes it up and makes it a little more hard to pin down your machine' IP address from random scans.

    Another useful hint to hardening your system is to shut off all unneeded networking services on your machine (e.g. remote registry editing) and changing the names of your administrator and guest accounts (Guest should be disabled AND changed if you're not using it).

    If you're going to websites and this is prompting the attack then good luck, someone else can help you more with that. I'm more of a network guy. Something should be between that computer and the net.

    Oh, I got a little off subject, sorry I'm new to forums. The term proxy means on behalf of, so if you just change the Ip address of your machine you're not really doing anything to help stop return traffic from any connection that you initiate. If you're going to proxy, you need to have another machine to proxy to and then that machine acts on behalf of your machine thereby taking all the risk for you. (well in theory).
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