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    lock down mycomputer -- properties -- lock down computer log in

    I'm looking for a way to lock down users from right clicking my computer and selecting properties. I have it to the point where they can right click on it and get to properties but when the window comes up they only have View rights. I don't want the window up at all. As view rights still gives them alot of information about my system, as well as they can create/remove temp folders/files

    Second Issue
    I'm looking for a way to lock down users to only log into a specific machine. Problem is when I do it through AD my handheld users that sync via port 135 cannot sync anymore... Any ideas would be appreciated

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    Question #1: try this:


    Question #2

    I have only seen this on mid-range boxes, and it was written in-house. Are these hand-held devices being recognised as a machibe in their own right? perhaps you should be looking for a way to let some users use multiple (designated) devices?

    EDIT: I have a vague recollection that you can do this by granting local admin rights (which are machine specific), but that would mean you would have to trust ALL your handheld users.

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    The link you provided was very helpful. Thanx, i wasn't looking for that but it was something I didn't know.

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