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Thread: dial-up modem for linux. advice.

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    Question dial-up modem for linux. advice.

    after so much time of being frustrated w/ not being able to use linux and learn linux ppp connectivity because of winmodems, i'd like to buy a modem that will work w/ *nix. couple of questions.

    1. are there "standards" for *nix modems? protocols i need? what kind of logos (not manufacturers, but standards logos) should i look for

    2. do*nix externals modems connect to com ports or are they made for USB these days?

    3. are *nix internal modems bigger (in size) and do they heat up

    thank you for your time and any actual suggestion appriciated.

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    Good Day,

    A Linux Modem is more of a "hardware modem" than the WinModems. And as such, there is a size difference between a WinModem and an Intenal Linux Modem(bigger), but nothing so significant that it wouldn't fit in your box or cause any overheating concerns. (You might have to suffle some of your other PCI gizmos around to get the best arrangement though)

    They can be Internal, External, ISA (if your main board is so equipped), PCI, USB, Firewire, etc. It's primary your preference on the type you want. The key is to make sure the manufacturer states it is Linux Compatable.

    One of the easiest ways to find a Linux Modem is obviously: www.google.com/linux/

    enter "Linux Modems" in the search, and a whole list on the right hand side will be advertising Linux Modems.

    But I'd go to the site for your particular distro and locate a hardware compatibility list and it should include modems. Use the list and go searching online for availability and the best prices. And once you find the one you want just double check to make sure it is Linux Compatable with your Distro. However you shouldn't have any problem locating one. If you do let me know and I'll give you a hand.


    edit: This will get you started -

    Linux Hardware Compatibility List (hcl) All items: Here

    Linux Hardware Compatibility List (hcl) Modems

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