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    Hey folks, I wanted to play a prank on my office collegue. I was wondering if there was a simple way to trigger a wav file when a specific key was pressed on his keyboard.
    I tried the usual windows sounds schemes but very limited use.
    Any thoughts?


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    I am sure one of these is gonna help you out. there's a "wav launcher" there somewhere

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    I'd try a non-computer related prank. A lot of times when people try stuff like this they can't remember how to get it off, have to call IT and look sheepish in front of their manager.

    I'd give it a little thought before doing it (might be against your AUP). Just my opinion.
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    The best one we used to do was to re-arrange letters on people's keyboards. This works best for those who "hunt-and-peck."

    If you have extra keyboards around, you can even spell things out like changing the QWERTY row to read, "QTEDSUCKSP"
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