We all know that how much important and critical is the issue of physical security of server machines. Infact, I am looking for a security solution to be implemented for my server room and I am looking for a biometrics solution. What would AO suggest on this? Do you people have any experiences with biometric security implementation? Do you think that it is feasible implementing a biometric solution for our server room? or you would say that sweeping the old magnetic tape cards into a reader would be good enough? OK..i guess too many recommendations in a row...lolz..Take a deep breath and shoot your valuble opinion about this issue.

I would really love, if someone could explain their physical security setup on their server rooms. Also do you people have any policies for the visitors ( like a support team from the vendor ) who are supposed to come and visit you on regular basis.

I would really appreciate AO input in this regard.

Thank you