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    So, alot of people got pissed off at my post titled thoughts. I find it funny that mathgirl32 negged me and said "analyzing AO again....what's the point?" So lemmie get this straight, it's ok to do it in addicts but not on gcc. You are ****in dumb mathgirl32. Thank you for proving my point. Also, most of you obviously did not read the intro to my post. I rarely post, and when I finally decide to put in my 2 cents I am wrong. Just cause it has been discussed before I am in the wrong for having an opinion and posting it? Again I will say, the majority of you are dumbasses and from what I can see, you can't ****in read either. I particularly loved unhappys reply. You out of everyone else, have the least idea of what the **** you are talkin about. You are one of the people I was talking about. As far as gore goes, so what if the guy likes talking about OS's. Is it hurting any of you. **** off and get a life. For those of you who said that no, it's ok for him to talk about em as much as he does then why is it not ok for me to say what I have to say? Cause you didn't want to hear it? Again I say, bunch of dumbasses. No wait...hyppocrites. That's the word I am looking for.
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    I blame Canada

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    Yeah hate, spit it out while you're still a free man
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