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Thread: Windows Genuine Advantage "Truths"

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    Windows Genuine Advantage "Truths"

    Just wanted to post the link of David Lazaar doing a nice fluff peice about Windows Genuine Advantage. Basically just a sales pitch, nothing too terribly informative, but maybe a few of you guys will want to read it.


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    Absolute crap, and lazaar knows it. I would say that 90% of MS's losses are in countries where they could not hope to sell their product in the foreseeable future anyway. There are negligible copyright protections, and if MS try to be macho they will only encounter the resistance of local governments.

    These guys are quite capable of reverse engineering MS's stuff, and do not think that they won't do so. They put their country and their people before Billy Windows and his cronies.

    The cost of genuine MS products in India is the same as it is in the UK, yet the UK minimum legal wage would make you middle class in India. The market cannot stand the price, so MS are caught between lost income, and grey imports.

    I believe that there real targets are their traditional customer base because they are scared crapless about the potential impact of imported pirate software.

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