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Thread: I Love Utter Idiots....

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    I agree!

    The discussion is supposed to deal with the issue on how others view their peers and betters in the IT services business.

    Suddenly, it's spiraling down to individual posters sassing each other, the subject of which are NOT within the the central issue that started this thread, in the first place.
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    Unfortunately Goitz, this is what always seems to happen on forums and topics like this.

    \"She is a Czechoslovakian prostitute and you will address her as such!\" - Master Shake

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    I see that you have made two new "fans" with this post..... sighhhh.

    One of the problems Computer people, Technicians, and Admins face these days that weren't an issue when TS (and myself) started in the computer field is that today EVERYONE is an expert, or they think they are. The guy down the street that figured out how to install his own HD suddenly feels he is qualified to repair PCs, etc etc etc. So a lot of advice IS given daily by those who should otherwise be listening. We have a local newspaper that carries article written by local repair techs and "experts" and I read it all the time, to know where NOT to take computers for repair. (Not that I would let anyone else work on my PC, but you get the idea). The advice is just awful, 99% of the time.

    The woman's letter struck me two ways. First, she made some awful assumptions. I faced the same assuptions a lot when I was working in phone support for an ISP (everyone assumes that the guy answering the phone is a dummy) and when I have worked in local stores. They figure anyone from a small Mom and Pop store isnt going to know anything.

    Second, people will always try to impress with image instead of substance (her over blown reference to the interview and her "client list".) It is like she thinks that you'll ignore her lack of knownledge, and her critical remarks because she SHOULD know what she's talking about, with those kind of references. This isn't something that is going to go away in our industry, the assumptions or the general lack of respect for skilled techs and admins. There are just far to many unqualified people out there giving advice and calling themselves expects.

    Super and Barry, please go back to where ever you came from, not to be heard from again. Since you aren't smart enough to actually read TS' tutorials before opening your mouths and talking trash, suicide would be your best option. IMHO of course. Some of us appreicate the effort he puts into his posts.

    Note: About the AV/AntiSpy ware for free... ummmm doesnt everyone? I must work on 3 to 5 systems a week that employee's bring in and I fix up while I am working. I always did, even when I was self employed, AV service was free, or I charged gas money, unless it was a full network, then I charged for time... (Maybe thats why I am no longer in business....?)

    1983? Hmmm Heath Kit had a computer you could build, S100 kits were out, Tandy had something too I think. Of course with her level of computer related know how, "building his own computer" could mean installing RAM or adding a floppy. "He alone has 35 years of experience" she says... ummm experience at what? I have been smoking for that long, does that count?
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    Eh, MrCoffee, it's not the poster/thread starter that matters but the topic, the substance of the topic and the reactions we all read.

    Like gadz, I noticed that some couldn't just help it but shoot the messenger. Why couldn't a forum be instructive and at the same time be constructive?

    Issues are really worth bringing up and worth discussing. Some are not as they are already overtaken by events. [Now I'm digressing and getting off-topic and if I remember right, someone senior in AO started the ramblings on this subject--that discussions turn sour at the end.]

    In the very short time I joined AO (after finding it linked while looking through the Canadian Security website), I've learned a lot (and I feel "archaic" needing to catch up with the present trends in ICT).

    It is from AO that I learned that DAP is malware... that AdAware and Spybot are really usable, and what sites can be considered credible... and so many other things. But where the people giving the assistance get sassed just because the of the advisor (person) and not the message itself, then I go full neg (hence my tendency to assign negs).

    Also, it tends to discourage newbies like me to start a thread if, eventually, argumentum ad hominem posts starts flying. In fact, I often resort to sending emails or PMs because I'm not sure if my queries are valid or not for the whole AO community's consideration.

    Just for so many things... if we can't do better, my idea is better stay cool and quiet. Right?
    Si vis pacem, para bellum!

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