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Thread: Mother of all Smokescreens

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    Talking Mother of all Smokescreens

    Ok. Ya'll...We got this here Brit trussed up like a stuck pig...Righ??? But he goes and says it ain't so.

    British lawmaker George Galloway vehemently rejected a Senate subcommittee’s claim that Saddam Hussein awarded him lucrative allocations under the U.N. oil-for-food program and accused its chairman of maligning his good name.
    And now, here he says he been supportin' us and again' Saddam all along.

    “I am not now nor have I ever been an oil trader and neither has anyone on my behalf,” Galloway said. “I was an opponent of Saddam Hussein when British and American governments and businessmen were selling him guns and gas.”
    So how do ya figger that he be supportin' us when he been sayin we was wrong to blast them there towel heads?

    “I gave my heart and soul to stop you from committing the disaster that you did commit in invading Iraq,” Galloway said. “And I told the world that the case for war was a pack of lies.”
    Somethin' tells me this is one smelly fish.

    The full story: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7883488/
    The mentally handicaped are persecuted in this great country, and I say rightfully so! These people are NUTS!!!!

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    Here are the results...............next time round he will drop off the radar forever.


    British lawmaker George Galloway
    That is total bollix Galloway Is a one man political party...............he has absolutely ZERO influence on British law making, and will be totally ignored by everybody in our parliament.

    He is only there because of the arrogance of the New Labour party. They chose a black, female, jew as a candidate in a constituency with a significant number of muslim voters ...............not a particularly astute move IMHO

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    Just shoot the *****, and be done.
    He's a wate of oxygen.

    He was visiting Iraq, and glad handing Saddam for years.
    Where the money came from ?
    Where it went ?

    Just shoot him : LOTS

    50c took NINE ..................
    SO don't miss
    55 - I'm fiftyfeckinfive and STILL no wiser,
    OLDER yes
    Beware of Geeks bearing GIF's
    come and waste the day :P at The Taz Zone

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    On C-Span I was watching your Queen fancy herself with the crown, one of the swords, the cap.... I'd never seen it before.

    This guys was running is mouth today wasn't he? New Labour party is that different from the Labour party? Or is he actually with Blair’s Party?

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    New Labour was a rebranding of the Labour party about 8 years ago when Tony (grinning fool) Blair took control of the part from John Smith who died unexpectedly. It still the same party essentially.

    Grinning Fool moved the policies of the Labour party from the left (a more socialist agenda) much further over to the right where traditionally the policies of the Conservative party were.

    New Labour is often described as a centre left party, Old Labour was a wholly left wing party.

    Galloway was Old labour, he is also a loud mouthed self publicist.
    As Nihil point out he ran in a mostly Muslim consituancy recently and won but he stirred up a lot of problems. The Labous candidate got her car vandalised and recieved death threats probably due to Galloways **** stirring.

    I enjoyed the Senate getting a gobful from him just because I doubt they've every been through anything like it.

    I still hate Galloway though. The guy makes my skin crawl every time he opens his mouth. He was arse licking Saddam 10 years ago (or more). Got to agree with Foxly 9mm to back of the head for Galloway please. We don't want him back.

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