Hello all,
This may be the wrong place to post this and if so let me know and I'll delete and move it to another area if you can point me in the right direction. Here's my issue: I have a late model, but still fairly robust Dell PoweEdge running Svr 2K. It's fully patched, has the latest anti-virus defs, and in fact is the machine I'm using for my LiveUpdate server. I kept seeing my firewall and my Packeteer getting slammed with traffic from the servers address so after combing over the machine to check if it was compromised somehow and finding nothing, I started looking at the NIC properties. Everything looks normal. But perfmon shows the current bandwidth maxed out. Packets in and out seem to be about average, right around what I would consider normal for a machine that is functioning as my backup host and virus def provider for the network. Netstat and netuse are showing no TCP or UDP connections that I don't know about. I can see the connections out to Symantec and Microsoft for the updates, but still this machine keeps hammering away at my firewall and packet shaper from the inside. Can anyone recommend a good tool for finding out exactly why it's doing this, or could I just have a faulty NIC that has finally started to fall apart? Thanks in advance for any help or clever ideas.