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    sure would like to know a link to a free hex-editor converter if there is such a thing?
    Well there are lots. What would you like to convert; Decimal, Binary, RGB, Metric, Files; to Hex?

    Google for “Hex Converter” and you’ll find many.

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    There are free trials of just about every Windows firewall. I suggest you try a few and select the one that's right for you.

    Personally, I love Sygate Personal Firewall. There is a free time-unlimited version with just a few advanced toggles disabled, or the Pro version is about $50 USD. It's a nice, solid, simple but powerful firewall with many advanced configuration options. I highly recommend checking out the free version. I've been happily running it for about 2 years with great results. I'm even running the free version on my web\mail\shoutcast server.


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    You know, if you had a router you could manage ports a lot easier.
    Or if you run ICS (internet connection sharing). I have ICS. I found a config utility
    that helps port forwarding in ICS, and it can close and stealth ports.
    There should be a way to use netbios if you have a network, but not bind
    it to your internet connection, but I haven't researched it. Microsoft is so lax.
    They enable everything by default and wonder why things get messed up.
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    Hey Thanks, yes,yes.... I am trying "SYGATE ",and, no router on hand,...,I wonder what ...,.but in the mean time BEFORE that going to get a freeware on HEX to BIN converter/compiler I guess they call it,..... everyone has been very helpful, I was reading the other threads on the Firewalls etc,... in addition I have tested ,Outpost,Sygate and Zonlabs' the zonlabs seems to out perform but hey, nothing is fool proof,.........back to read more from this information and goldmind of a site soon.

    I found some really neat tools to anaylze PROCESS etc... www.dependencywalker.com
    have good evening all..........

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