hello all

im moving my small website from my xp home machine to a slackware server i made a few nights ago

apache works
php works
mysql, no idea

the server is running.. but when ever i try to pass a command to it i get an error

hexadecimal@hexnet-server:~$ mysqladmin creat phpbb2
mysqladmin: connect to server at 'localhost' failed
error: access denied for user: root@localhost (using password: NO)

tired it as root... same error
went super user as mysql... 'su mysql'
still same error

i followed instruction as i was told....
mysql_install_db <-- told to run that script

that script in turn told me to type
mysqladmin -u root -h hexnet-server password '*****'

i dont know what i did wrong during the process... kinda tired last night when i was working with it

is there a way i can start over?


ps. i would tell you the version and build exactly but i cant run that command without that error message... so its whatever version came with slackware 10.1