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Thread: Anti Phishing tool bar

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    Anti Phishing tool bar

    This looks like it could be a good tool.

    The Toolbar community is effectively a giant neighbourhood watch scheme, empowering the most alert and most expert members to defend everyone within the community against phishing frauds. Once the first recipients of a phishing mail have reported the target URL, it is blocked for community members as they subsequently access the URL. Widely disseminated attacks (people constructing phishing attacks send literally millions of electronic mails in the expectation that some will reach customers of the bank) simply mean that the phishing attack will be reported and blocked sooner.
    Get it here:
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    Yeah, I just installed this recently. It looks to be interesting, potentially promising.

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    Also try out FraudEliminator http://www.fraudeliminator.com/index.php works with both IE and Firefox

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    Thanks for that - looks promising and cool to boot.

    However, in their instructions they state:

    2. When you see a prompt asking if you want to open the file or save it to your computer, press the "Open" button.
    For the some-what paranoid - shouldn't we save it, virus-scan it and then install? I saved, scanned, then installed and it still worked fine. Don't mean to be a tool, so if I am... then I guess I am.

    Thanks again for the tool.
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    Anti-Phish toolbars

    I use Spoof-Stick from corestreet.com.I have installed on Firefox&IE.Works great&its free$$.

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