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Thread: Vendors ? ?

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    Vendors ? ?

    I just had to share. I had a meeting with a vendor this morning who is pushing an encryption service. The second page of their presentation had the comment on it which stated "100% security". I asked them if they had ever heard about 'rainbow tables' or the 'rainbowcrack project" which drew a blank stare from them. I pretty much shutdown after that. This afternoon I got a follow-up e-mail from the vendor with the following quote:

    We know that our XXXXXXX encryption services
    mean 100% guaranteed data security and peace of mind.
    Geezz....these guys need to go outside and search for a clue.

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    Ask for a sample of something that was encrypted, and use their sales info to give you a clue on how to crack it, and then crack it. Then send a letter to them saying you know how to crack the poop their shovelin and see if you can get a check out of it. Hush money is always good, especially since you can always give yourself a raise...lol.

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    Well since you don't know the algo that the encyrption uses, it is secure to an extent.

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    What algorithm are they using? Is this another one of the boneheaded "we don't tell you the method we use because it keeps your data safe" companies?

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    OK folks, you can all have a good laugh at me now.............

    As I understand things, there are two issues:

    1. Encryption
    2. Passwords

    I believe that encryption is how you scramble and descramble data................but passwords are how you obtain access to things............?

    I am pretty sure I have a product that does 4048 bit encryption...........that would not be crackable............hell 256 bit would be bad enough?

    However, a 14 bit password hash could be cracked in minutes using rainbow tables?

    However, make that a 32 character pass with all the ASCII characters included and see where you go?....................then increase the length to 127 (#128 is a check digit?)............

    Like I said, I could well be very wrong, but I am sure that passwords and encryption are quite different?


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    your not wrong, Rainbow crack is a password cracker not a method for decypting encrypted data.

    Having said that, if a human can devise the encryption algortham, a human can and will devise an algoritham to decrypt it.................... With the exeption of the OneTime pad................That however, relies on stricked rules, which if not kept too, weaken it's effectivness and can break it.
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