EULAs are bogus anyway. When the s**t hits the fan, they are unenforceable
because they are a form of extortion. If you choose not to click "yes",
the program won't install, but you have already paid for it.

When I worked on cars, the work order the customer signed had tiny print
at the bottom saying essentially "if I test drive your car and crash it,
tough luck, I'm not liable" AFAIK, those kind of statements
are not enforceable, and may be overridden by various laws.

Businesses are always attempting to intimidate you into believing that
you have no rights. That may be true in Zimbabwe, but most everywhere
else the consumer has the upper hand legally.

You can do whatever you want to your own computer with confidence
Let them sue me for the 9,000 illegal copies of Bonzi Buddy I have running
on my network.