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Thread: I'm Pregnant.

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    I'm Pregnant.

    Well... The rumors are true... I made the announcement in IRC earlier.

    It's official... Sarah's Pregnant.

    D0ppy version 3 is due in about 8 months.

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    Well you don't seem to upset about it.

    Of course you've still got to deal with Sarah's dad...

    Let's hope you see more of this little one than the last one and things between you and Sarah stay on the up-and-up. Here's hoping all the best for you...

    And the /mnt/chick speaks volumes about your current situation
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    Thanks. I've known she was pregnant for a while... It's hard to not notice the morning sickness... But we got the confirmation last night. She talked to her mother. Her mother was fine for a couple of hours... THen Her mother started drinking my Wild Turkey and crying...

    Her dad just got home from work. He will probably learn about this in a few hours.

    I don't plan on being here for that, lol.

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    I wish you the best, just remember babies don't come with intructions

    Well thats a man for ya running away
    I had to google 'jfgi' to see what it meant. The irony is overwhelming.

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    THat's what IRC is for.

    Remember last time?

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    Oh and i have o find out like this, can't even tell me in person that yo're cheating on me. oh this is great, this is original..

    /me cries and runs away
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    Shut up, woman. Get yer ass back in teh kitchen.

    /me bitch slaps 妯py展ght

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    Hey congrats and goodluck... u know when i was younger i thought i wanted 5 kids but after getting older and actually dealing with children 2 kids sounds more like it lol
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    Baby ain't yours, rubber broke, sorry.

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