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    Any real case about computer crime??

    hello! I 'm doing a research about Computer Crime, and I looking for some real computer crime case such as Hacking or Phishing. Can anyone share any website to me?

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    You've come to the right place!

    Just look around you'll find plenty to pick from! Typing ' hacking ' into the search turned up 1849 responses...

    AntiOnline - Search Results

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    Do a google search for a guy named "Kevin Mitnick".


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    here is a specialest website for computer crimes ...
    you can't find better one ...

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    The case I found most interesting is Dmitry Sklyarov v. Adobe.

    Not only because of the specific nature of the crime, but also international legal considerations.

    Dmitry Sklyarov broke Adobe's rot13 based ebook encryption scheme. He published his findings and proof of concept in his native Russia. In Russia the Adobe ebooks had legality issues to begin with as they could not be backed-up as required by Russian law (and as allowed by American law). Dmitry was arrested by the FBI for violating the Digital Millenium Copyright Act in Las Vegas after speaking at a convention.

    This case somewhat mirrors the DeCSS case, which eventually spiralled into the land of absurdity with t-shirts and ties covered in the DeCSS code as a way of making it a free speech argument. Unfortunately, offhand I do not believe any arrests or criminal charges were introduced during the DeCSS case making it less useful to you.



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    Re: Any real case about computer crime??

    Originally posted here by Wesker
    hello! I 'm doing a research about Computer Crime, and I looking for some real computer crime case such as Hacking or Phishing. Can anyone share any website to me?
    wanna some case? do your own -> realize a honeypot.

    For example me. I am working on thesis which is talking about digital forensics. My friend was writing thesis about honeypot, so he made the honeypot and connected it to Inet. After couple of days we have both material for work up And really interesting material...

    But if you want some popular case, you found a lot of. Without Kevin David Mitnick or Kevil Poulsen, which I take as exeptions, you can write for example about actions and after arresting of group The Deceptive Duo (type it into google) .. it was famous enough.
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    This is a book about some of the OG's of hacking. An interesting read to say the least.
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    Do a google search for a guy named "Kevin Mitnick".
    Haha, I've never heard of him is he some kind of famous hacker or soemthing?

    Please excuse my sarcasm

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