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Thread: Help using multiproxy program.

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    Help using multiproxy program.


    I've recently downloaded multiproxy, a program that'll import a list of proxies and then allow me to connect to it via localhost, and it'll use the proxies it's tested. If anyone is familiar with it I need to know why it'll find the list of proxies, test for the active fast responding ones and it shows it, but on the main part of the program under connected, nothing comes up. I'm stumped.

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    I'm stumped.
    So are we

    1. What Operating System and version.
    2. What browser and version.

    I would point out that the product does not appear to have been updated for 4 years, and the proxy list is 2 years old.

    Have you checked to see if you can actually connect to anything through it?

    It is a Win9x application so may not function correctly under Win2K/XP and/or IE 6.0

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    Thanks for your reply. After many attemps in trying to get it connected (under the Connected screen) I decided to go ahead and connect my browser to it, to see what it would do, thats when the connects start to show appearently. I guess it doesn't actually connect to any proxies itself, just routes the browser through it, to connect to the proxy. Problem is, I'd import a list, it'd find 10-20 active fast servers, but they would be just a direct connect to their website or database, and not let you out in the WWW.
    Any suggestions? I can test the proxies through the program to see if they'll bring up a URL, none of them would, but I have to test them 1 by 1, so it's kinda useless.

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    I'd suggest you look into a current, up-to-date program. TOR is pretty good, I've been told. http://tor.eff.org/
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    IMHO - The best MultiProxy Fix:

    WinXP: Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > MultiProxy > Change/Remove

    Win98se: Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs > MultiProxy > OK

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Did you make sure to tell your browser to use
    Also some proxies won't let you surf certain webpages, use the 'random' option so you only have to hit refresh to load a new proxy. I personally like to take any of them that have restrictions off the list.

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