Hello All,

I made the mistake of typing http://www.gmail.goggle.com (do try it yourself) as I was trying to access my GMail account and what I got is attached.

Looks like a honeypot to me but it claims to be a la Ad Aware and Spybot S&D. I tried googling the site but no information was available on the URL. The product program is advertised as SpyBouncer.

Anybody ever checked this one out? Having been had by paretologic's XofSpy, I've become leery of this one, too. Nope, didn't try it out.

The file associated with the site that asks the user to download and install is sbsetpup.exe. When I Googled the filename, there are many, including those pertinent to hardware installers. Now, that makes the file more suspicious!

What makes unsuspecting newbies latch on to this one is the "warning" box. What's funny about this is, when you really parse the "Warning! SpyBouncer can detect if Your PC is Infected with Adware or Spyware that is installed!", the ironic message--being warned of its claimed capability. It sounds like "Warning! You'd get stuffed if you eat burgers!"

I don't intend to download the file but just as well, I might as well put this as a notification or a possible heads-up.

[BTW, I searched AO and found 17 topics citing the word "goggle" but in the context of Google search/usage... all are likewise outdated.]

Cheers to all!