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Thread: Network Security Degree

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    Smile Network Security Degree

    I'm looking for an accredited online network security degree program. I would appreciate any advise and information on the best schools and/or programs for this field. I was looking into Westwood College. Does anyone know this school? What schools offer the best programs????

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    Any country in particular?

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    Westwood has national accreditation. Stay away from nationally accredited schools! If you are going to invest time and money in a school, it needs to be regionally accredited. I know it sounds counter-intuitive but regional accreditation is the highest a university can receive.

    Also, networking needs to be done in a lab / classroom...not online.

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    mathgirl is right. anything online should be learned here or from text files, but anything to get degrees should be RL. if you ever cruise on efnet stop by #linuxgeneration....i know a few cats on there who are....experienced proffesionals.....and one kid is 14 and knows more than me and im 10 years older;\ hes what you would call a "zero_cool". look into technical schools that dont teach microsoft, but do teach *nix. thats my mho and theres always some trolls who dont like opinions. im waiting

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