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Thread: tip before conducting online purchases

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    tip before conducting online purchases

    10 tips before conducting online purchases

    [list=1][*]The website should offer online payment method through secured and encrypted connection.[*]The website should offer guaranteed goods delivery and the merchant should hold complete responsibility for quick and insured delivery.[*]A clear and coherent privacy policy statement MUST be declared, this statement MUST clarify the potential use of customers' personal data.[*]A customer service division for pre and after sale service.[*]An open declaration about the company's address, including phone numbers, post address and email addresses.[*]The website is using a secured connection in order to fulfill the process. You can know if the they are using a securd connection or not, by looking at the website's prefix address {Notice that secured websites always have https instead of http} and a small sign at the bottom of the browser. If you don't see them leave the website immediately.[*]Before submitting your credentials double-check that you are submitting correct information.[*]Keep a copy of the order ID and details every time you buy something online. Many companies send an email to you as a confirmation that they have received your order, keep the email as well.[*]NEVER EVER give out any details about your credit card in a chat session or over un-secured connections, even through email.[*]Don't use more than one credit card for online purchases, dedicate one card for online payment and keep on checking the details of any online payments done using this card every month, better still, make sure that you don't have a lot of money under the belt of this card.

    I think the above steps help to make you secure and certain when buying online.
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    My bank uses like a reward system for using their services which is called e-bucks.You can also purchase e-bucks from your account and use that as payment on just about everything..That way you do not have to provide stuff like your credit card details etc..Upon purchasing an item you get a reference nr from the bank as proof of payment,directly out of your account which I think is a nice way..They do have their own site called the e-bucks store where you can also purchace various types of goods..https://www.ebucks.com/
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