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Thread: weird problem... need help soon

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    to work w/
    westell modem



    I don't know if you've tried this...

    ....You've mentioned this is a router, but does it function as a switch as well? (many devices can function in either mode)

    If it does I would set all machines to the same range of IP addresses * /24* for example. This may allow the machine to just act as a switch and solve the problem for you...

    ... If nothing else it's just something else to try... Hope you get it fixed.
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    Jeez... let's all go running around trying this and that.....

    put a sniffer on the box and do an:-

    ipconfig /renew....

    Then we can see what the heck is going on..... if you don't then you will keep guessing until you or the box dies......
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