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    Does BIOS or Motherboard affect the persormance of addon PCI cards (Sound Card for Ex

    I have a ESS 1983 Sound Card but it doesn't run well in WinXP. Actually when I play a sound in XP, the system either freezes after 5-10 seconds or XP gives a Blue Screen displaying this sirt of message:
    Is the motherboard incompatible with sound card?

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    Sounds like a bad driver...

    See if you can get a new one for your sound card.

    Also...some MB have chipset updates that may be needed for newer hardware compatiblity.

    Go to the MB site and see if they have an update.

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    Morgana~ is spot on,

    1. Update XP
    2. Update sound card driver
    3. Update MoBo BIOS and drivers

    Check out your speaker connections..........clean them with medical alcohol and WIPE DRY

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    You can also put the sound card into a different slot (if it's pci) and/or assign and set the necessary IRQ in that pci slot as legacy, using BIOS options.
    Sounds like you have a IRQ sharing problem and the driver or sound card firmware does not support that correctly.
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    ZT3000 has made an interesting point.............a lot depends on your MoBo and such, but in the old days it was always considered good practice to mount your sound card FURTHEST away from your video card..........even if it was in an AGP slot...........

    Then remove it in Device Manager and let Windows re-detect it?

    Worth a try?

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    You ask the same soundcard question here. You need to do two things...

    1) Go read the FAQs so you'll know how much we hate DOUBLE POSTING!!

    2) When you ask a question provide as much info as possible...what type of m/b, etc...so we can help you. If you don't tell us the full story we can't easily provide a helpful answer.

    Sorry if I sound harsh, but when I see a newbie asking ALOT of questions in a short period of time (as you have) I tend to draw one of two conclusions....either your a lazy ID10T who doesn't want to do the work to learn the solution (ie G-O-O-G-L-E) or you're a troll just trying to make us jump through hoops.

    On the ESS driver page there is no 1983 driver listed. There is, however, a 1938 driver that has 2 selections for XP...I suggest you try both of them. If that doesn't work then find the support page for your m/b and download any updates to their driver software as per advice given by ESS...see what GOOGLE can do for you?
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    You might check your soundcard properties in control panel as well..Check that your hardware acceleration settings are not too high..for instance set to cd quality and set it back to good performance maybe??
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