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Thread: Yet Another Phishy

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    Yet Another Phishy

    Well it isn't really a new type of scam, but seeing as how I don't get many phishy emails, I figure this one must be pretty rampant, and that a warning may be in order. It is a standard "account suspended; please reverify details" type scam which forwards the password information to Ebay and intercepts it in the process. The perpetrators have registered "ebay-join.com", which is quite obviously mistaken for a valid ebay domain by the ignorant. You may want to block this at your borders. I have already sent abuse mails and reported it to ebay and antiphising.org. I thought a warning here wouldn't be such a bad idea.

    I have attached the email and headers below for those who wish to inspect it.
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    There is a tool which Netcraft released recently to attempt to deal with the Phishing email problem. You may want to take a look at it.

    The bar in the browser alerts you for known phishing sites and allows you to report new ones. Each page is assigned a risk rating based on this.

    It has Toolbars available for IE and Firefox available.

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