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Thread: ok need some serious help

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    ok need some serious help

    hi fellas it's 11:03 over here i need you to understand my problem.
    i have a 100 dollar bet going that i can't break into this kid's machine and gain remote access.
    he's currently running windows xp os and that's all i know about it.
    i'm really desperate ... i have his ip address i just don't know what to do with it to gain remote access. i've tried several things that seem to do nothing at all could some one please point me in the right direction ? oh and btw ... i hear my friends talking about this proggie called beast =\ wtf is that ?

    lol let the flamming begin =D

    EDIT : check the join date ... oh and if you're not going to help me on that thing at least tell me what "beast" is ... like some trojan injector or something cause i get mixed google responses =\

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    What AntiOnline IS:
    AO is a worldwide community of security, network and computer professionals, students and keen amateurs who come here to [b]learn the principles and details of computer/network security.

    AO is a place where the community share their knowledge to help the others learn and where people assist each other with identifying and mitigating security issues as they pertain to the many real life situations faced by us all.

    What AntiOnline is NOT:
    AO is not a place where the community's knowledge is used or passed on to others in order to carry out illegal or immoral acts.

    AO is not a place where you should be asking how to exploit/damage/attack any system that you do not own nor have the explicit permission of the legal owner.

    What can you expect from AntiOnline:
    You can expect to be treated in the same way you treat the AO community.

    If you understand what AO is and is not, you can expect to be helped and to help others learn the art of computer/network security.

    If you request information in a way that implies your intent is illegal or immoral you will receive a rapid response from the community that may ban you from continued participation.

    Please feel free to look around but before you post a message please read the FAQ carefully. Many subjects have been covered on AO in it's years of operation and most of the discussions are still relevant today so please search before you ask.

    Welcome again to AO and we hope your stay here is as fun for you as it is for our numerous members.

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    :::looks at post:::
    ok wrong site thanks anyways

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    So if you don't think we're going to help, or if you expect to be flamed why would you bother...

    Ok, I'll tell you what... I'm still in school.... I'm a network security administrator.... but I've never had any problem finding anything online with google or yahoo.

    I'm not going to tell you how I'd break into or not break into a machine, but I'd examine the inherint weaknesses in the TCP/IP stack or a known exploit in whatever OS he is running.... There are a million sites online that show you all of this for free.....

    .... This, however, is not one of them.

    You ever heard don't let your mouth write checks your brain (in this case) can't cash.
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    Who cares what the join date says.
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    hey that was nice zen,

    btw exceedable here is one more 'serious' help, spend your $50 from bet money on that kid himself and get to know weakness of his PC. with money involved you will be "seriously" helped.
    It\'s all about sense of power.

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