Get away with it undetected... pfffft. Say what? First off, now lets assume that a good 96% of attacks are automated. This is usually why people still see what would appear to be instances of code-red four, five, six, maybe even seven years after the fact.

to us professionals.
Now your just trying to be funny, Capt.

All this talk about hacking , cracking etc, has to be viewed in a historical sense. I have books where hackers are deemed to be hero's in terms of Unix etc, the books are in fact 30 yrs old. Todays kids have to define what they mean by hacking, I'm sure it is a totally different concept from mine.
Actually my grandma used quite alot of computers back then... from what she has said, at no point did she and her co-workers run around like a bunch of "t3h ****in' l33t h4xAaarrrRz". And if people called her names like that... she could have probably have gotten alot of jerks fired for it too.

Mean while its always the "hackers" who choose to be called that simply because it sounds cool. Computers for them aren't so much as anything other than some tool to fit into some mainly text based *cough "social setting"... its all about keeping their image in the hopes of being something. Anyone with a true interest in computers would realise that by now and just shut the hell up and enjoy messing around with their computers without the constant need to "be something".
Just because I felt a need to quote it yet im beating a dead horse by posting any more but you know, I'd just like to share the fact that I've never in my life have seen someone toss the H word around outside the context of insults & jokes yet actually do anything particularly new or even as far as something cool with a computer.